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Custody Attorney

What an Experienced Custody Attorney Can Do for You


Child custody and visitation issues are highly emotional legal issues that require an experienced custody attorney to negotiate or litigate. It is not uncommon for divorcing or separating parents to have vastly different ideas about how co-parenting and parent-child time will work going forward. At the same time, parents want only what’s best for their minor child. At the Bray Law Firm, our experienced professionals provide clear-headed legal representation and accomplish the following.

  • Engage in productive negotiations with the opposing party’s lawyer.

  • Handle court filings, paperwork, documentation, and deadlines.

  • Represent your interests directly to the family court.

  • Modify existing custody and visitation agreements.

  • Litigate custody issues when the other party won’t act reasonably.

Child custody issues are complicated, and the outcome could impact you and your child for years to come. That’s why it’s critical that you have a determined custody attorney to represent your interest every step of the way. Call the Bray Law Firm today.