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Divorce Lawyer

Work with a Determined Divorce Lawyer


Facing divorce ranks among the most uncertain and emotional times in a person’s life. You entered into marriage with the expectations you would build a lifelong partnership with the other person. There were goals and a vision of what your future would look like. In its place is the unknown and a stressful legal process. But this time also marks a new beginning, one that can lead to improved happiness and well-being if you secure the services of an experienced divorce lawyer.


Under Tennessee law, an attorney can file for a fault or no-fault divorce on your behalf. Under the no-fault statutes, the grounds need only be irreconcilable differences or separation of two years or longer. A fault filing can be made due to adultery, desertion, or cruelty, among others. Making an informed decision whether to file a fault of no-fault claim requires careful consideration and the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer. If you are considering divorce, call the Bray Law Firm and schedule a consultation today.